On Beacon Hill

(Walter Scott "THE EVE OF SAINT JOHN")

 "Come this night to thy lady's bower;
Ask no bold Baron's leave.

'"He lifts his spear with the truth;
His lady is all alone;
The door she'll undo to her knight so true
On the eve of good Saint John."

'"I cannot come, I must not come,
I dare not come to thee;
On the eve of good Saint John I must wander alone,."

'"Now out on thee, fainthearted knight!
Thou shouldst not say me nay;
For the eve is sweet, and when lovers meet
Is worth the whole summer's day.

'"And I'll chain the blood-hound, and the warder shall not sound,
And rushes shall be strew'd on the stair;
So, by the black rood-stone, and by holy Saint John,
I conjure thee, my love, to be there!"

"Though the blood-hound be mute, and the rush beneath my foot,
And the warder his bugle should not blow,
Yet there sleepeth a priest in the chamber to the east,
And my footstep he would know.

' "О fear not the priest, who sleepeth to the east,
For to Dryburgh the way he has ta'en;
And there to say mass, till three days do pass,
For the soul of a knight that is slayne."

"He who says the mass-rite for the soul of that knight
May as well say mass for me.

'"At the lone midnight hour, when bad spirits have power,
In thy chamber will I be."
With that he was gone, and my lady left alone,
And no more did I see.'